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Jesolo is the perfect point to start to visit Venice, destination of every tourist. One way to reach the city of Venice is to use the boat from Punta Sabbioni, a small strip of land surrounding the lagoon of Venice, and in just 40 minutes you can land directly in San Marco square.
To reach Punta Sabbioni there are several ways:
by car crossing Jesolo, direction to Cavallino-Treporti, until you reach Punta Sabbioni.
by bus:
- if you leave from Villa Ongaro and Villa Mimi, you have to take the bus ATVO from Levantina Street to the Picchi Stadium and to the station and from there you have to take the bus to Punta Sabbioni, that is leaving every 30 minutes.
- if you leave from Villa Fiore, you have to take the bus ATVO from a bus stop in Aquileia Street following the direction to Punta Sabbioni, available every 30 minutes, and you will joint the boat to Venice.

What to visit in Venice:

If you have few hours to visit the city, then try to lose yourself before entering a museum or some other attraction. Wandering randomly around the city (the advice is to go to the opposite side to the one selected by the ground) you can come across numerous and charming squares and churches, which will let you to enjoy the city on the best way. Let yourself be lulled by the magic “calle” (street) in Venice and by the enchanting atmosphere.

If you have a little more time the following visits are recommended:
the Basilica of San Marco, beautiful from the outside, its interiors are enhanced by large mosaics. L 'entrance to the church is free, although you'll have to queue. The advice is to book a visit online (always free)
See Piazza San Marco also by night, so once you've finished eating you can take ten minutes to look at the square.
Boat Tours to the Grand Canal: the advice is to choose a guided tour on the boat, so that you can listen your guide while you are comfortably sitting. The guide will show and explain you what is more interesting around the city.
Visit a glass shop in Murano: I think to watch the production of glass is a must for visitors to Venice for the first time.
Tour of the Palazzo Ducale: right next to the Basilica of San Marco is the second most beautiful sights of Venice
Tour of the lift on the top of the Bell: To get a complete view of the basilica and the square you can buy a ticket for a ride in the elevator to the top of the tower
Walk on the streets of Burano: if there is still some time or if you come bakc to Venice in a second time, you can not miss a visit to the island of Burano accessible by boat, of course, only after a visit to Murano.
Walk to the Rialto market, if you're not a gourmet maybe this point does not concern you. But I think that to know the Venetian culture is also necessary a walking to the Rialto market food.